The need for food has drastically increased in the past decade. The rapid globalisation of agricultural land has added to the challenges faced in meeting worldwide food demands. Even in the 21st century, numerous villages in India still need a sustainable agricultural model. Therefore, the demand for professionals who can contribute to the growth and development of agriculture at the global level has never been so extreme. An MBA in Agriculture Management helps individuals to acquire managerial skills and intensive knowledge of the business aspects of agriculture.

Many of you might have questions, like What is MBA in Agricultural Management? Which MBA is best for agriculture? Is MBA in agriculture a good career? So to find answers to such questions, read the article till the end!

What is MBA in Agricultural Management?

With technological advancement and industrial development, the agricultural industry is deteriorating, even though it is a vital component of a country’s economy. This brings the demand for professionals engaged in managing the agricultural welfare of the world. Additionally, several universities and colleges in India have developed specialised courses in Agriculture, with an MBA in Agriculture Management being a prominent one for students aspiring to become leaders in the agrarian industry. Here are the top reasons to opt for MBA in Agriculture Agri-Business Management:

  • This is an exceedingly paying area.
  • This area has an incredible scope for experimentation.
  • The industrial demand for agri-managers is very high in the global market.
  • The past few years’ trends show an ever-increasing growth potential.

Agriculture management is challenging because the significant task of advancing this sector depends directly upon the employees and entrepreneurs working in this field.

Is MBA in Agriculture a Good Career?

Various businesses in the market cease to exist or go obsolete with time pushing the business owners to switch. The food business is continually in demand and will be a necessity today and in the future. An MBA in Agriculture Management assures that your expertise always stays in trend. Therefore, if you aspire to be an agripreneur or a farming professional, you have a promising career scope. Here are a few reasons why is MBA in Agriculture is a good career:

    • Changing lifestyles and awareness of health and healthy eating have lengthened the scope of agriculture in India.
    • Various corporate giants eagerly invest money in this sector to produce more efficiency and profitability. The government’s enormous support through various schemes and subsidies has reinforced the popularity of agriculture.
    • There is a drastic demand for talented agriculture managers. The sector requires reorganisation with global needs. Moreover, this field has diverse job opportunities and can land you a job in the following areas:
      • Crop analyst
      • Quality controller
      • Agricultural economist
      • Grain broker
      • Farm and land appraiser
      • Farm educationist
      • Entrepreneurs
      • Crop producer
      • Farm manager
      • Agricultural manager
      • Accounting manager
      • Farming Planner
      • Marketing Manager
      • Risk Analyst

Attain a Significant Position in the Agriculture Market with an MBA in Agribusiness Management at KIIT School of Rural Management (KSRM)

The agribusiness sector in India today needs more skilled and qualified managerial professionals to manage the present challenges and take them to greater heights. With a mission to prepare qualified and well-trained professionals to cater to several needs of the agribusiness sector, the KIIT School of Rural Management (KSRM) offers a Two-year full-time MBA Agribusiness Management programme. The programme aims to impart fundamental and analytical knowledge and the vital skills to prepare better quality managers to serve the sector to harness its maximum potential.

The curriculum for the program at KSRM includes compulsory courses, industry attachments, and projects. The students are offered a rigorous curriculum that enables them to develop adequate managerial skills appropriate for the agribusiness sector.

MBA (Agribusiness Management) Program Outcomes:

After completing the program, the graduates will be able to:

  • Apply knowledge of agribusiness and management theories and practices to administer and address agribusiness problems.
  • Comprehend, analyse, and communicate global economic, legal, and ethical aspects of agriculture management and business.
  • Competent in leading themselves and others in achieving organisational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment in the agribusiness sector.
  • Foster analytical and critical thinking for evidence-based decision-making for agricultural issues.
  • Plan, incubate, and nurture innovative agribusiness.
  • Design, monitor, implement, and evaluate strategic projects, programmes, and policies for agriculture and management.

Moreover, there is unlimited potential for growth in this sector. So, it allows you to flourish. Therefore, pursuing an MBA in Agribusiness Management from the KIIT School of Rural Management (KSRM) will open new avenues and help you reach heights in your profession.