The Marketing Club of KIIT School of Rural Management organized the SELLATHON Competition, themed “Hunar se Becho” (Sell with Skill). This inaugural event served as a platform for marketing enthusiasts to demonstrate their selling abilities.

The competition comprised four rounds. Initially, 20 groups participated, with only the top 10, each consisting of four members, advancing to the finals held on March 24th, 2024. The journey began with an individual exam assessing participants’ knowledge of current marketing trends, narrowing down the field to 20 groups. Subsequent rounds involved an audio-visual quiz overseen by a quiz master, leading to the selection of the top ten groups.

In the final round, each group received a seed capital of 500 rupees to innovate and sell products or services. The criterion for victory was the percentage of profit generated, emphasizing ingenuity over mere sales figures. Participants demonstrated innovation and strategic acumen in their selling strategies.

Judges evaluated participants based on innovation, creativity, and profitability. The announcement of winners was met with applause, as their outstanding performances were acknowledged. Prizes were distributed by the Director of KSRM.

SELLATHON served as a platform for refining marketing skills and fostering camaraderie among peers. It provided aspiring marketers with an opportunity to showcase their abilities and build lasting connections. As the event concluded, it left a lasting impact on the KIIT School of Rural Management community.