MBA Agribusiness Management Fee Structure 2023-25

Fee Structure: The total fee for the MBA( Agribusiness Management) 2023-25 programme is Rs.7.65 lakhs payable in five installments. The fee includes Hostel, Mess, Books & Materials and including  Laptop to all students.

PerticularsAdmission Fee1st Semester2nd Semester3rd Semester4th Semester
Admission Fee75,000
Tuition Fee85,00085,00085,00085,000
Development Fee10,00010,00010,00010,000
Internship and Training Support10,00020,000
Co and Extra Curricular Activities5,0005,0005,0005,000
Total Academic Fees (A)1,10,0001,20,0001,00,0001,00,000
Hostel Rent, Utility and Establishment (B)40,00040,00040,00040,000
Mess Expenses (C)25,00025,00025,00025,000
Total by Semester (A+B+C)75,0001,75,0001,85,0001,65,0001,65,000
Grand TotalRs. 7,65,000