The speaker for the talk was Mr. Sandeep Kumar Jha, an alumni from the MBA (Rural Management) batch of 2018-20. Presently Mr. Sandeep is a senior consultant at Bayer Foundation India. Prior to that he worked as a senior associate with TechnoServe.

In his talk Mr. Sandeep shared about his work with Bayer. He also highlighted the company’s commitment to the SDGs emphasizing the critical role played the corporate social responsibility wings. Mr. Sandeep then introduced and elaborated two strategic concepts, PARTY (Planning, Adaptability, Research, Teamwork, and Yielding) and COMPASS (Communication, Open-mindedness, Monitoring & Evaluation, Patience, Advocacy, Sustainability, and Strategic Thinking). He inspired students to confront challenges head-on and provided wisdom on time management and maintaining patience during adversity. Furthermore, Mr. Sandeep’s insights into leveraging opportunities for personal and professional growth struck a chord with the audience, prompting reflections on individual development strategies. He suggested the students to embrace challenges, pursue continuous learning, and contribute meaningfully to society.