The new academic complex, with its unique architectural design, integrates well with the theme of the school. The 45,000 square foot building has  technologically equipped classrooms,  spacious faculty offices and common spaces. Other notable features include conference space, student cafe and lounges.

Computing Facilities

All the students are provided with laptops. The University provides all the faculty and students with a sophisticated computing environment and access to a powerful network of resources and applications. The ICT cell of the University provides advanced and state of art networking facilities to the campuses, in a single loop, with wireless internet connectivity.


The MRM Programme is a fulltime residential programme and all the students are required to stay in the hostel. The state-of-the-art SRM hostels, separate for boys and girls, with all modern facilities are provided to the students . The hostels will have a provision for wireless internet connectivity besides many other amenities like dining hall, recreation room, gymnasium and facilities for indoor games.

Student Relations

Student Affairs in the school are managed by Student Coordination Committee (SCC) duly constituted by the Director, with 11 members consisting of 3 faculty members and 8 student members (at least two girl students) to decide upon issues like hostel discipline, hostel maintenance and related issues.