Mr. Suvrojit Choudhury, an alumni from the batch of MBA (Rural Management), 2012-14 was the speaker. He is presently working as Assistant Vice President at Annapurna Finance Pvt Ltd. Over a career spanning 9 years, his primary focus lies in spearheading the research and seamless implementation of diverse financial products, including education loans, micro- enterprise loans, home improvement loans, dairy development loans, and water and sanitation loans. His dedication to refining and introducing financial solutions underscores his vital contribution to Annapurna Finance Pvt Ltd’s growth and impact.

Mr. Suvrojit Choudhury began by discussing what is microfinance, microfinance products like  loan, insurance, remittance. He explained the concept of joint liability group and its key elements like economic homogeneity, caste homogeneity and same hamlet or village. He spoke about RBI guidelines for MFI, various risks involved in MFI(credit risk, operational risk),credit appraisal to mitigate the risks and collateral loans Mr. Choudary also explained about identifying loan products,basic financial trainings to be given to customers and challenges of microfinance sector.