As a part of the webinar series on “Perspectives in Development”, KSRM organized a talk on 18th September, 2020 for the students of MBA (RM) and MBA (ABM).

The speaker, Mr. G Muralidhar, Mentor/ Co-lead, Andhra Pradesh Community- managed Natural Farming highlighted important characteristics and values for the success of a development professional.

“We should learn to use our leadership skills. It is important to move from management to leadership zone. If we want to work for people then it is imperative to spend a lot of time with them. Given the current crisis which not only includes a pandemic situation but also resource depletion, there is a need for paradigm shift and management professionals can play a critical role in this”, he stated.

Mr. Muralidhar stressed that management professionals need to focus on enhancing the meta skills of people. “The end result of our work in the sector should be to ensure that people have a wide range of choices and reverse marginalization which is fundamental in the development discourse”, he added. The session was moderated by Prof. Nirmal Mandal of KSRM.