Social Enterprise Seminar by Prof. Judith Reynolds from  Plymouth University, UK

Prof. Judith Reynolds from Plymouth University, UK, visited KIIT School of Rural Management on 24th September, 2014 and shared her vast experiences on Social Enterprise training with the students. According to her, Social Enterprise is a business to make profit. The key difference that demarcates it from rest of the corporate sector is what the former does with its profits compared to the latter. She added that in United Kingdom the focus is given mainly to create smaller social enterprises to efficiently deliver wider spectrum of services including health, agriculture, education etc. Prof. Judith quoted that unlike India, Britain is an ageing nation; with more than half of its population nearing to old age. Hence the demand for health care services is an ever increasing phenomenon. She mentioned that in order to become a successful entrepreneur, one needs to be clever, original, curious and passionate. The legal and administrative procedures related to social entrepreneurship in UK differs profoundly from that of India. In UK, government gives financial assistance to social entrepreneurs ranging from 9000 pound sterling – 25000 pound sterling. She quoted that in India things can differ as the socio-cultural diversities and multiplicities are abundant here. The plenary session made students to appreciate the role and importance of social entrepreneurship.