MBA (ABM) Curriculum

Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV
Micro Economic Analysis


Accounting for Managers


Rural Production and Livelihoods


Quantitative  Techniques


Marketing Management


Development Perspectives

Managerial Analysis and Communication


Organizational Behaviour


Basics of Agriculture for Managers




Macro Economic Analysis


Sales and Distribution Management


Rural Advertising and Product Management


Business Research Methods


Agri-Input Marketing


Agri-Finance and Commercial Banking


Procurement and Supply Chain Management


ICT in Agriculture and E-Business


Finance Management


Business Analytics


Live Project-I


Management of Agricultural Value Chain


Strategic Management


Project Management


Management of Co-operatives & FPOs


Micro Finance


Agri Warehousing and Collateral Management


Management of Food Processing Industries


Emerging Trends and Policies in Agriculture


Live Project-II

Commodity Trading and Derivatives


Legal Environment and Business Ethics


International Trade in Agriculture


Agriculture Entrepreneurship Management


Human Resource Management


Climate Change and Agriculture



Rural Immersion Programme Summer Internship