Sanjay-Panigrahi                                                        Venue: KIIT School of Rural Management
                                                      Subject: Rural Marketing
                                                      Date: 4th September, 2015
Mr Sanjay Panigrahi- Chief Executive Officer at Sahaj e Village Limited, came to KSRM on 4th September, 2015 to take a special session on Rural Marketing with both the batches. Sh Sanjay Panigrahi started his session by interacting with the participants and getting hold of the students’ various perceptions about Rural India and Rural Marketing. He also talked about the effect of urban myopia that exists among the urbanites. Mr Panigrahi also mentioned about the concept of Bottom of Pyramid and linked it with his own personal experiences. He linked the concept of Rural Marketing with respect to products, services and other potential items in the focused segment. Major learnings for both the batches were that the session evolved around the field studies with examples right from the actual practices and could also provide the true light on the subject matter.