The 13.9% of Indian GDP devoted to agriculture and related industries like forestry and fishery remains the foundation of the Indian economy and makes India stand 2nd in the world for agricultural output. Food is humanity’s most basic requirement; hence commercialising agricultural output is given a lot of attention. Therefore, ensuring enough food production and distribution has recently raised concerns throughout the world. As a result, growing queries like what is MBA Agri Business Management.

What is MBA Agri Business Management?

The MBA in Agribusiness Management program broadly covers marketing with an emphasis on rural marketing, microfinance, commodity trading, supply chain management (logistics in retail) and taxation. Agri-export-import, agricultural finance, and all other pertinent and applicable disciplines of agriculture and the WTO are also covered in detail in MBA Agri Business Management.

Make Agriculture More Productive with MBA in Agri Business Management

One of the sectors in the economy that is growing at an enormous speed is agribusiness. The majority of the sector is, however, unorganised. Hence, there is plenty of opportunity for managers to step up and make sure this industry realises its full potential and generates more jobs and top-notch products for the country’s population. The following are other compelling reasons to pursue this course and understand what is MBA Agri Business Management:

  • Growth Potential

With large-scale commercial farming recently getting started, the potential for growth in this industry is limitless. Consequently, if you join a sector at such a young age, it gives you a chance to develop alongside it. As the industry expands, your position will also experience considerable growth. In a few years, you could be in charge of a sizable agriculture-based firm. As a result, earning an MBA in agribusiness gives you the power to choose your own professional path and set your own terms.

  • Monetary Benefits

Professional managers and other allied occupations are in short supply in agribusiness. As a result, compared to other industries, the salary and perks are extremely high for those who are now employed. Additionally, the salary numbers continue to improve with timely growth.

  • Industry Need

Agribusiness, as previously said, requires managers and other specialists in order to grow quickly and steadily. Due to this industry’s reliance on natural components, there are several dangers involved. But the MBAs can eliminate all risk factors through their education & expertise and ensure that the growth continues. Only MBAs in Agri Business Management will be able to realise agribusiness’s potential to be the economy’s largest contributor.

  • Challenging Profession

Working in agribusiness presents numerous challenges. The issues facing this industry are vastly different from those facing other industries. You will develop as a professional by overcoming these obstacles and discovering solutions. You will quickly realise your managerial potential because your problem-solving abilities will be far superior to those of your contemporaries in other businesses.

  • Diverse Career Options

You can expect to work in the following fields after earning an MBA in Agribusiness Management:

  • Agri products trading companies
  • Agribusiness financing companies
  • Rural banking businesses
  • Non-banking financial companies
  • Farming technology manufacturing companies
  • Food processing companies
  • Agri-skill development and training companies

By working in and growing this industry, you are improving the lives of many people who are struggling and providing for their basic needs. Therefore, an MBA in Agri Business Management is a good course to pursue from all angles.

Revel in the Culture of Learning at KIIT School of Rural Management (KSRM)

KIIT School of Rural Management offers MBA in Agri-Business Management and provides students with an opportunity to contribute to this sector effectively. It is a 2-year full-time MBA programme that the institute is offering from the 2019 academic session. The program’s objective is to give the fundamental and analytical information, as well as the essential skills, to better educate managers to serve the Agri industry and maximise its potential.

Students can get admission to this course by clearing the Agribusiness Management Entrance Exam. KIIT School of Rural Management (KSRM) conducts its own entrance exam known as KIITJEE Management Exam or KIITJEE.

MBA Agriculture fees in KIIT School of Rural Management (KSRM)  is around Rs. 7.60 lakhs, payable in five instalments. The fee includes Hostel, Mess, Books & Materials and Laptops for all students.

Doing an MBA in Agri-Business from the KIIT School of Rural Management (KSRM) will increase the MBA ABM scope of students to a great level. The program’s curriculum consists of compulsory courses, projects, and industry attachments. The students will follow an intense curriculum that will aid in their development of outstanding managerial abilities suitable for the agriculture sector.

Hence, if you want to contribute to community service while carving out a niche career for yourself, apply for an MBA (Agribusiness Management) at the KIIT School of Rural Management (KSRM)!