As a part of webinar series on “Perspectives in Development”, KSRM organized a talk on 23.02.2022 for the students of MBA (RM), MBA (ABM) and PGDCD.

The speaker for the webinar was Mr. V Vivekanandan, Former Chief Executive Officer at South Indian Federation Of Fishermen Societies (SIFFS). He is presently director of FishMARC at Vrutti – livelihood impact partners. Mr. Venkananda graduated in Mechanical Engineering and did his Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Management from IRMA.

Mr. Vivekanandan started his talk by sharing about his experience as the first batch student in IRMA where the atmosphere was very vibrant and encouraging. He also highlighted that rural management as a discipline is constantly evolving and changing. Mr. Vivenkandan then spoke about his own work and career , the evolution and growth of SIFFS. He then shared about the need for formation of fisheries cooperative, model of the cooperative, impact in the area and the challenges faced. He emphasized that being in the sector we are responsible for the wellbeing of the rural people as we were indulged into the core sector without deviating from the track of welfare of a particular sector.