The speaker for the talk was Dr. Shubh Swain, assistant director for TARINA and the gender and nutrition specialist at Tata Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition (TCI),Cornell University. He received his PhD in demography from the International Institute for Population Sciences in Mumbai. He has worked extensively on gender, nutrition, and public health in India and Africa and focuses on building program- and policy-informing evidence around gender, nutrition, food, and agriculture.

Dr. Shubh initiated his talk by sharing about TCI and its  important role mainly for women and uplifting their status. He spoke about the 3 faces of malnutrition and how it is impacting Global South. Dr. Shubh elaborated on the major parameters of food system which includes production, access to diverse food and nutrition behaviour and the status of women across each. He highlighted that how women are not able to get the identity, rights and access to technology in agriculture. And women empowerment in all this is crucial and can be improved through the food systems in agriculture interventions.