KSRM has always been proud of the fact that her Foundation Stone was laid by none other than the legendary Dr Kurien. In the same spirit KSRM family decided to celebrate Dr. Kurien’s birthday on 26th November 2014. The celebration was attended by all the students, Faculty and Staff of KSRM. Prof L.K. Vaswani, Director, KSRM who was closely associated with Dr Kurien shared various moments of his association while at IRMA and later at KSRM. He also shared with students the advices given by him from time to time and in the moments of hardship in which he stood by Dr Kurien.

Prof J. Acharya who was faculty at IRMA in late 80’s also shared some significant events happened at that time. Prof Pradeep Mishra also recounted his opinions on Dr Kurien during his stay in IRMA as FPRM Scholar.

In his concluding remarks, Prof Vaswani advised the students to follow the path of hard work and integrity and draw some lessons from the life of Dr Kurien whose initiatives made tremendous impact on life of rural poor in India.

Dr V Kurien Birthday at KSRM-1