Mr. Rahul Ranjan, Programme Manager, JSLPS [MBA(RM) 2007-09], Mr. Anuraj Ajay, M&E Specialist, CIMMYT [MBA(RM) 2008-10],Mr. Shrinidhi Kumar, Senior Technical Consultant, United Nations Children’s Fund [MBA(RM) 2008-10] and Mr. Akramul Hoque, Operations Manager, Mrida Heart N’ Soil Foundation[MBA(RM) 2010-12] participated in the alumni discussion. The alumni shared about their experiences in project design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. They also spoke about the different skill sets required across each of these areas. In the question and answer session, the alumni clarified on some of the queries raised by the students like change in the project strategy midway, non availability of data , challenges in implementation and monitoring.