Mr Debaraj Behera, Consultant, Global Food and Agriculture Practice (GFADR), The World Bank Group delivered a special lecture on ‘Agricultural Information Delivery in Sustainably Increasing Farm Incomes in India’.  He provided details about how farmers in 200 villages of Madhya Pradesh and Bihar receive crop advisory through Short Message Service (SMS). He further dwelled on geo-tagging of natural resources such as water resources, agriculture and pasture land, etc for developing resilience against climate change. Vegetable marketing through LOOP and maize marketing through e-trading platform, Technoserve model of connecting farmers with the market and Digital Green’s efforts in participatory extension services were elaborated by him.

 Mr Debaraj graduated from Institute of Rural Management Anand (PRM 18 batch).  He has been associated with NRLM, BRLPS, OLM and many other livelihoods focused organizations. He had also shared his experiences and thoughts on the career opportunities in Rural Management. Citing the exemplary performance of three distinguished KSRM Alumni in the development sector, Mr Samrat Kumar Ghosh (MRM 2007-10), Mr Asghar Ali (MRM 2007-10) and Mr Kshovan Guha (MRM 2008-10),he stressed upon the need for strong commitment in any task being undertaken by rural management professionals.