10th Dr. Verghese Kurien Foundation Day Lecture on

                                      “Challenges of Accelerated and Inclusive Agricultural Growth in India”


Dr. T. Haque

 Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen:

 I am delighted to be here with you on the occasion of 10th Dr. Verghese Kurien Foundation Day Lecture being organized by KIIT School of Rural Management, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar. Dr Kurien was the father of white revolution in India and his contribution to diversified agricultural growth and poverty reduction in India is recognized widely.


As you know, India’s agricultural sector is ailing for quite some years now. The targeted 4 percent annual growth rate for the agricultural sector in the Tenth and Eleventh Five Year Plans was not achieved. The Twelfth Plan also has fixed a similar target, while indicating the limitation of traditional sources of growth and pointing out the need for economic diversification for faster and inclusive growth (Planning Commission, 2013). The question however, is whether accelerated and diversified growth by itself can result in inclusive growth, by way of improving farm income and reducing poverty as well as farm distress. If so, what are the key challenges and if not, what are the additional requirements for inclusiveness.


            Let us now analyze the trends and patterns of agricultural growth in the recent years, identify the key challenges to growth and also indicate appropriate forms of farm and non-farm diversification for inclusive growth.  Read more…