India is a country of farmers and villages, where 60% of the population lives in rural areas. These individuals cannot benefit from the resources available in urban areas. Education in rural development and management is vital to take care of the development of rural areas. The government hires professional rural managers to help the villagers grow, improve, and expand.

Additionally, rural management is one exclusive specialisation that equips budding professionals to strategies, manage and implement the ideas that can work. A postgraduate diploma in rural development comprises all the concepts that can be applied in real life. So if you are concerned about the country’s economic growth and want to enhance the condition of rural areas, then a postgraduate diploma in rural development is the best opportunity for you.

PG diploma in rural development has become one of the most sought courses to study and research at the postgraduate level. A postgraduate diploma in rural development offers lucrative job opportunities to graduates in this field. These professionals can get jobs in the government or private sectors and work in various NGOs and organisations.

Is Rural Development a Good Career?

PG diploma in rural development opens plenty of career opportunities for candidates interested in this field. Employment opportunities in this area are wide:

  • Individuals specialising in rural management will become rural managers and can also apply for the Village Development Officer (VDO) job in the government sector.
  • Rural managers can also run their NGOs or can work for an NGO.
  • Postgraduate diploma in rural development, graduates can work in the rural cooperative sector, agricultural marketing, agri-business enterprises and management of agro products.
  • Indian Institute of Rural Management, a government-run institution, also recruits individuals with rural management degrees.
  • Various colleges provide placement assistance to their students by inviting organisations to its campus.
  • You can also work with non-governmental organisations.
  • You can also work on a contractual basis to manage developmental schemes and programmes.
  • Rural managers can work in all functional management areas, including human resource development, project implementation, finance, general management, marketing, and purchase, in all segments of rural-based enterprises.

What is the Scope of the Master in Rural Development?

After completing your postgraduate diploma in rural development and management, you can apply for the following jobs:

  • Research Officer
  • Rural Executive
  • Rural Manager
  • Senior Program Officer
  • Trainer
  • Researcher
  • Consultant
  • Project Coordinator/Project

Learn to Plan and Execute Programs That Profits the Rural Livelihood with KSRM

The Post Graduate Diploma in Community/Rural Development program at the KIIT School of Rural Management (KSRM) is structured to address the requirement to rebuild and rejuvenate community initiatives promoted in the private and public sectors. This program at KSRM specifically targets young students after completion of Graduation or Post Graduation to understand the nuances of community life, the challenges of program implementation, and the broad range of services and finances available mainly from the government and other non-state players and the problems of the rural poor.

Additionally, the PG Diploma in Community Development program is an opportunity for students to explore and apply an interdisciplinary set of theories to understand and act within the community and regional development. The students at the school will examine the participatory processes and plans made by academic and rights-based institutions, like micro-level plans and participatory approaches, to familiarise themselves with the complexities and effectiveness of planning with the people.

Moreover, the postgraduate diploma in rural development or management program imparts specific management skills for targeting this segment and administering a rural enterprise or cooperative. It, therefore, deals with all the functional areas, including marketing, managerial accounting, rural behaviour, finance, rural environment, production, rural research methodology, field studies of rural producers, human resources, integrated rural management, communicating developmental and social messages, etc. Therefore, the PG diploma in rural development is worth pursuing at KSRM!