KSRM Alumni Committee organized AlmaKonnect on the topic “ Rural Finance” on 11th September 20021.

Ms. Rashmi Verma [MBA(RM), 2007-09], Lead Business Development, National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI); Mr. Vineet Bhargava [MBA(RM), 2008-10], Regional Manager, Fusion Microfinance; Mr. Shubham Mehta [MBA(RM), 2010-12], Assistant General Manager NABFINS Ltd. and Mr. Ranjan Prasad [MBA(RM), 2010-12], Senior Portfolio Manager, DCB Bank Ltd. participated in the discussion.

Mr. Vineet Bhargava  shared about microfinance sector, need of microfinance and the status of microfinance in India. He also spoke about the development in microfinance in India especially some of the regulatory measures. Mr. Vineet highlighted the skill sets required in the microfinance industry. Mr. Ranjan Prasad gave an overview of the banking sector in India, the presence of public sector and private sector bank as well. He shared about the different banking products and services and policy measures.  Mr. Ranjan then highlighted the opportunities in the sector and the skill sets required. Mr. Shubham Mehta spoke about agricultural finance and the opportunities available in the domain. He briefed about the product and finance flows in the value chain, salient features and appraisal aspects. Mr. Shubham emphasized the need for finance for Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs). Ms. Rashmi Verma shared about digital finance in rural India. She gave an overview of digital payment scenario in India, things required to support digital finance and key stakeholders. Ms. Rashmi then talked about the probable organizations that the students can explore for internship and placement and the areas that they need to strengthen to work in this sector.