9th Dr. Verghese Kurien Foundation Day Lecture
20.11.15, 11.30 hrs to 13.20 hrs Seminar Hall – 1, Convention Centre, Campus – 6, KIIT University

………………………………………“Repositioning Cooperatives: The Road Ahead”

Mr. Balu Iyer, Regional Director ICA-Asia Pacific Region, in his foundation day lecture opined that cooperatives nowadays need not to be Restricted to rural areas and agriculture sector. Larege scale urbanization has created scope for cooperatives in urban areas as well. Urbanization and formalization often are inversely related. Beautification, modernization and development often harm the underprivileged migrants. Urbanization is eventually leading to the growth of informal sector that comes with its own set of problems and exploitation. Cooperatives might play a significant role in taming the onrush of such inherent exploitation of informal sector promulgating the sense of ownership, fostering the  fellow feeling and nurturing the family ambience. Mr.Iyer informed that student cooperatives are world wide popular in universities and their combined revenue is worth $2.9 billion. Against this backdrop Universities from India and more specifically KIIT university might think of developing students cooperative of their own. Keeping parity with the social changes can be vital for the survival and sustainability of the cooperatives. In this era of globalization; diversification can be another means of survival for cooperatives. As an example there is a cooperative of waste pickers “SWACH” in Pune that produces filament for 3D printing machines. Amidst growing economic inequality cooperatives can offer significant help to reduce the same and can help in women empowerment. Lack of self motivation for taking up entrepreneurial initiatives is pulling behind the growth development of cooperatives in India. The combined worth of top 2000 cooperatives of the world is staggering $3 trillion. This depicts the potential of cooperatives in India that is yet to be tapped. Mr. Iyer has also expressed that he is hopeful that in subsequent time cooperatives would be also helpful in attaining the much desired sustainable development.


Dr. A. Samanta founder, KIIT & KISS welcomed the chief guest and all other eminent guests. He gave a clarion call to the students of KSRM to go to the villages around Bhubaneshwar and elsewhere to get a true feeling about Rural Management and make their education purposeful. Later he has also felicitated Mr. Iyer.

Prof. P.P Mathur, Vice-Chancellor, KIIT University in his address observed that Change is the first thing that should happen and to change Rural India all the stake holders should change their attitude. India needs change through active participation.

Prof. L.K. Vaswani Director KSRM gave an introductory lecture on the foundation day and KSRM. He also enlighten the audience regarding meaningful brand and observed that meaningful brands like KIIT & KISS are necessary for the society.

Mr. R.N. Dash Secretary & Advisor, KIIT & KISS in his address opined that India can only grow if Rural India grows.

Dr. S. Samanta, Registrar, KIIT University in her address opined that the share of agriculture in Indian GDP is declining as not much of importance has been paid to agriculture nowadays. Again indeed information awareness has increased but such awareness so far has been used to meet evil ends than good ones. She advised to avoid intermediaries while considering loan and emphasized that a rural management school should at first understand its purpose of existence.

Prof. Sumita Sindhi offered the vote of thanks.